The Meating Room Podcast

Check out The Meating Room Podcast to learn about meat safety, quality and production while you’re on the go! This podcast will include episodes focused on various topics related to meat production and interviews with people involved in the industry. There is a lot of hands that go into getting meat from the farm to your fork, and I hope to highlight those involved through this podcast!  

Ep. 46: Meat Things to Know The Meating Room

Like our teachers always said, if one person has a question, there are likely others wondering it as well! This week we visit about some of the questions I have received recently. It might just be something you have wondered about too!
  1. Ep. 46: Meat Things to Know
  2. Ep. 45: Beef, Building Opportunities
  3. Ep. 44: Back of the Steak is the Steer
  4. Ep. 43: The News
  5. Ep. 42: Pork, Bringing People Together: Hayden Kerkaert