Who am I?

My name is Brianna Buseman, and I am the author of The Meating Room! I grew up on a farm in SE South Dakota where my family raises cattle.  Being involved in agriculture was a huge part of my life, so much so, I decided I wanted to study it in college.  I attended South Dakota State University where I graduated with a double major in Animal Science and Agricultural Business.  This degree combination let me take a variety of classes, from livestock nutrition, meat science, genetics, and swine production to economics, accounting, and marketing. 

Following graduation, I decided to continue my education and moved to Idaho for graduate school.  In May 2020 I graduated from the University of Idaho with a master’s degree in Animal Science with a Meat Science emphasis. 

Currently, I am the Youth Meat Animal Extension Assistant Professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. In this position, I focus on engaging students and developing materials to teach them about meat science.

Now, what exactly is meat science?  Well, basically it is the study of all things meat:

What makes meat tender? 

What makes meat taste good? 

What steps can we take to make sure meat is safe for people to eat?

What can we do to make sure consumers are satisfied every time they eat a steak, or a pork chop, or (insert whatever cut of meat you prefer)?

PLUS we get to jump into other areas of animal science, like how livestock genetics and nutrition impact meat. Meat science takes every step in the production process, adds it together and serves it to you in the form of a big, juicy, T-bone steak.  So that’s meat science in a nutshell, and I think it’s so cool!

Through my education and in this current position, I have the opportunity to learn a lot of interesting information and hear of cool research that is happening to try to improve the eating experience for consumers. I will use this blog as a way to share some of what I know and continue to learn. I hope this page will become a good resource to help answer any questions you may have about the industry and to demonstrate the steps that go into producing a high quality, nutritious product. For the most up to date content, check out The Meating Room podcast!


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