Welcome to The Meating Room

While looking through Facebook this week I came across these two articles, one right after the other:

“Red meat and dairy good for a healthy diet, study suggests”


“Less beef, more beans: Experts say the world needs a new diet”

What?  How can this be?  It’s no wonder that so many people are skeptical about what they are buying at the grocery store when they see these mixed messages day after day.  This bothered me, so I did the best thing I could think of…

Google: “Are blogs still relevant?”

According to the web, blogs are indeed still relevant.  So here I am.  Now, this blog may not convince anybody to eat meat, and that’s okay.  That’s not the purpose of this website.  I do hope, however, to share some information that I have learned through my experiences and education to at least help put people at ease about what they’re feeding their family. I hope to use this platform to share what I know about what it takes for meat to get from the farm, to the grocery store, to your kitchen table.  I want to introduce you to the meat industry and help to answer questions and address common concerns.

So, welcome to The Meating Room!  Here, we will touch on topics like safe handling tips, meaning behind the label, farming practices, inspection/grading, and much more.  I’m excited to give this a shot, and hope that through this blog we can all learn a little something about the food we eat. Thanks for joining me, now let’s get started!


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